Notary report from the meeting of bondholders

Notice of meeting of bondholders

Project Rivery in Prague 7 Hobulet

Every month, Prague 7 publishes the magazine Hobulet (HOlešovice, BUbny, LETná). In July, an interesting article, titled "Inventory of Seventh Development," which maps the planned projects, was published.

The GEONE Group is launching the website

The lands in Holešovice Zátory, the management of which we took over in 2013, have an interesting history. We have saved several old brochures and photo albums from the period when the complex was a concrete panel plant at its peak.

We are developing the Holešovice lands together with Skanska Property

Skanska Property, the developer of commercial real estate, has acquired a lucrative plot between Prague’s Holešovice Railway Station and the Vltava River from real estate businessman Milan Janků and his company GEONE.

GEONE Real Estate a.s. acquires the residential project in Záběhlice

Záběhlice – Prague 4 is a lucrative location. We plan a residential rental project on Žilinská Street. The location offers very good access to the Prague public transport system and civic amenities.

GEONE Real Estate a.s. is taking over the management of the industrial complex in Holešovice

We believe that the city quarter of Holešovice will undergo major changes. That’s why we took over the industrial complex with a land of 54,300 m² in Partyzánská Street in Holešovice Zátory.