About us

GEONE is a group of companies that invests in real estate projects. GEONE Real Estate was established in 2011 as a development management company.

We are creating your place

We based our business model on establishing full value chain in the area of real estate from acquisition and concept through securing building permit to building construction and subsequent facility management.

We take care of the real estate portfolio with a specialisation in residential, office, hotel and leisure projects. Thanks to focus on the standardisation and foreseeability of project management steps and the persistence of the management team, we have created a platform for the creation of exceptional development in the real estate business.

Projects as values

The idea behind the establishment of GEONE and every step the Company takes is working on permanent values which are worth to invest in. We create real estate activities that will multiply the resources of investors in the next twenty years. At the same time, with each project we contribute to the development of the cities and city quarters in which we live and work.

We do not want to build for the sake of building – we go further. We create GEOspace, a place on Earth that respects mankind, nature and continuous technological advancement and social change. Our realisations form the environment. We give them a timeless design so that they serve society for a quarter of a century and beyond.

Company history



GEONE established
as a real estate development start-up.



We created our own development division under the name GEONE Real Estate.



We completed the Rivery project and acquire the Arboret Prague 4 residential project.



Acquisition of part of the Rivery Project in Holešovice Prague.



We are preparing the pre-development part of the Rivery Project and the creation of the rental housing development division.


Milan Janků
Managing Director

Eva Nováková
Group CFO

Luboš Králíček
Head of Sales

Kamil Buchtík
Project Manager

Michaela Kubátová
Project Manager

Kateřina Šmídová
Financial & Reporting Specialist

Ondřej Parez
Head of Facility Management

Kristýna Kořínková
Marketing Specialist

Jakub Svoboda
Business Development Manager

Lucie Bradová
HR Manager

Veronika Hrubcová
Executive Assistant

Lucie Braunerová
Finance Assistant

Nikola Sydorová

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